It's resolution season, and that means it's time for people to make grand plans to lose 20 pounds, run that marathon, and, generally, clog up all the space in the weight room. Last year, one anonymous internet lurker even made a resolution to work out with me at my local health club (check it out in the comments here).

Ever since the baby Jesus made history's first resolution (let's keep the Christ in New Years!), pundits the world over have given advice on how to stick to your resolution. How can you be that guy who actually follows through?

Well, I'm here to cut through the crap and tell you how to do it, once and for all...

Start now.

As in today. This minute (actually, maybe a couple minutes from now, when you finish reading my post). It's December 21, and, if you want to accomplish your goal for the new year, start it today.

I was sitting around a couple days ago, thinking what I could do differently in 2011, and I resoluted to do more swimming and running.

Sure, I've biked my face off in 2010, and I even got a little bit of swimming/running in with the two triathlons I did (UMLY and the Philly Tri). If you're looking for some shameless bragging, I even hauled my Tight-End-Sized body to a 70th place bike-split at the philly tri, riding the 2005 cannondale, complete with 36-hole training wheels and 10 dollar bike shop horn to a 25mph split, out pacing some pros.

Sorry I just got excited about my awesomeness for a second. Here's a picture of Jessi Stensland, in case you were getting bored:

Looking good, Jessi!

The point is, here is how I went about planning to achieve my 2011 resolution. I went out on Sunday, December 19, 2010, and swam myself a mile.

That's how you get a resolution done. Start it now. Putting it off just gives you more excuses to expand your ass over the holidays.


Lenny said... @ December 22, 2010 at 4:26 PM

25+ mph is a great bike split. Didn't see it on the results page tho. Where's it at?

Frey Maxim said... @ December 22, 2010 at 6:29 PM

Hey thanks for the compliment! I ghost raced as "matthew chou" - here's the results :


I just checked it out now, too, and realized that I was a little overly optimistic in my memory of going 25 - actually clocked in at 22.7, but still a 73rd place bike split that beat some pros :) I just remember I was star struck seeing Pip taylor there, and then I was psyched to pass her on the bike!

Here's the pictures of me as Matthew chou:


Did you do this race?

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