Whitford Flowers in Exton, PA, your delivery man tried to run me off the road while I was biking. I have the pictures to prove it. What's worst about this situation is that after I stopped my bike, he creeped his van right up to me and my bike and tapped it into me. This was clearly an act of aggression and assault. I hope you all go out of business.

I was riding East on E Boot Road, and I was hanging a right onto Wilson Drive. Right here:

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While I was biking down Boot, getting ready to turn right onto Wilson, your delivery man pulled his van right up onto my tail. He revved his engine and tooted his horn as I hung a right in the right turn lane (there is no berm or bike lane here). Not wanting to be harassed by this typed of jack*ss, I stopped right in the middle of the lane. I stopped my bike, got out my camera, and snapped these pictures. As I was snapping the pictures, he pulled his car right up, and bumped into me and my bike. This was a purposeful act meant to assault and intimidate me. What a tough guy.

Here he is bumping his hot-rod van into my leg and my bike

Deciding not to get out of the car when he realized he was assaulting a 6'7" man

I got pictures of your license plate, phone number, and your face.

This is Whitford Flowers in Exton, PA. The only explanation the driver offered was that he was a 30-year veteran of delivering flowers, and that he knew what he was doing. Way to never progress past delivery man for 30 years, you must be one awesome employee.


darcykaat said... @ June 28, 2011 at 9:27 AM

And I thought FL had the only inconsiderate drivers in the U.S. What a jerk.

Big A said... @ July 1, 2011 at 4:13 PM

Sorry to hear about the delivery truck. Good for you posting the details. However, please remove the sentence, “Way to never progress past delivery man for 30 years, you must be one awesome employee” from the post. We are trying to convince motorists that cyclists AREN’T arrogant, elitist brats. You’ll understand when you are older and living in the real world. Thanks. –Big A

Frey said... @ July 1, 2011 at 4:18 PM

Hey Big A - thanks for the editorial suggestions. How's your work convincing motorists to love cyclists going?

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